Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Trends (In My Dreams Single)

This is a repost by request, originally posted 3/27/11, new rip and scan.
This is the first of two singles from The Trends. I couldn't find any info, on the band; all I know is, they were a Dutch four piece. Both tunes are great Powerpop; I only included one side of the sleeve, because both sides are the same.

CNR Records

1. In My Dreams
2. If You Leave Me

♫♫♫...You drive me wild...♫♫♫


Riko said...

Thank you very much. I've liked. All the best.

josechu modforever said...

Thanks for this one!
They were dutch, this single is from 1980.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, thanks for the comment.