Sunday, March 17, 2019

THE V.I.P.'S (The First Four Singles)

re-post by request, new rips and pics, enjoy!                    The V.I.P.'s were a four piece that formed in 1978; while attending Warwick University. The first e.p. "Music For Funsters" was released shortly after on Bust records. Their second offering was a split on ROK Records, with Urban Disturbance. Sometime around 1980, a deal was struck with Gem Records and the result was four more singles. They called it a day in 1983, due to the usual reasons. I don't believe there was ever a full length released. The first Four releases are represented here.

Line Up - 

Jed Dmochowski - Vocals, Guitar
Guy Morley - Guitar
Andrew Price - Bass
Paul Shurey - Drums

♫♫♫... I Haven't Got A Dime ...♫♫♫


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