Friday, September 13, 2013

The Krayolas (All I Do Is Try Single)

The Krayolas, were a four piece from San Antonio, TX that formed around 1975. They released a number of singles, (this being the first) and two full lengths before splitting in 1988. In 2007 a compilation of singles and rare tracks called "Best Riffs Only" was released and the Krayolas reformed in support of it. Since then they've released four more full lengths and a couple EP's. Go check them out at The Krayolas.Com Website. There you'll find where to purchase their music, Bio's, a Discography, and lots of other band related info. Both of these great tunes are included on the "Best Riffs Only" disc, however I find these slower, more primitive versions more appealing. I apologize for the sound, my copy has certainly seen better days; hopefully one of these days I'll upgrade to a cleaner copy.

Line Up -

Hector Saldana - Vocals, Guitar
David Saldana - Drums, Vocals
Van Baines - Guitar
Barry Smith - Bass

Krayola Records 1977

1. All I Do Is Try
2. Sometime

♫♫♫...Can't You Feel It...♫♫♫


Hector Saldana said...

Collectors should look for the first pressing of the Krayolas "All I Do Is Try"/"Sometime" which featured a yellow label. Only 300 were pressed at Joey Records. Also, bassist Barry Smith doesn't appear on record until "Aw Tonight." The Krayolas' bass player was Mark Cotnam on that first session. Marius Perron was the engineer at ZAZ Studios that recorded and mixed the tracks.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info and the comment Hector.

zach said...

i downloaded that krayola's "best riffs" a long time ago, and always come back to it, i love it. it's funny cause my two favourite songs on there were these two. but these versions are more enjoyable like you said. thanks!

plus i love the crackles, great sound!

Frank Miller said...

Hi Zach, Crackles give the record "Character". At least that's what the people with the scratchy records say.....hahaha. Anyway cool you like the slower versions, it's definitely a classic. Thanks for the comment, I added you to the new blogroll.

zach said...

haha, yeah. i always say scratchy records have just been "loved" a lot.

oh you didn't have to do that, but many thanks!

Frank Miller said...

No problem, thanks for the comments Zach.