Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Rattlers - Singles Plus Bonus

a re-post, by request, new rips, same  scans. Originally posted 1-17-2011, Enjoy!

   I'm sure most of you are familiar with The Rattlers. The On The Beach Single is a classic, and Definitely a favorite of mine. I never got to see the Rattlers live, but I've been told in their early days as a three piece they did these songs much harder, and faster than the recorded versions. They played a show with 999 around 1980, at a place called The Castle Inn, which was a club in my home town of Phillipsburg NJ. The club has since been renovated, and now serves as The Unemployment office. Anyway, I'm sure you all know the leader of the Rattlers was Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramones younger brother. I think it must have been difficult, being in the shadow of The Ramones, but The Rattlers managed to carve out a nice niche for themselves, and were a great band in their own right. The Rattlers formed in NYC, around 1979. Before parting ways in 1988, they left us with Two Singles, and an LP titled Rattled. I included both of their singles in this post as well as I won't be your victim, from the LP. In my opinion, their best songs. 

Ratso Records 1979

1. On The Beach
2. Livin' Alone

Faulty Products 1982

3. What Keeps Your Heart Beatin'?
4. Let's Move

PVC/Gem Records 1985

5. I won't be your victim


Longy said...

Cheers for these Frank. I won't lie,I've never heard of them mate.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Longy, thanks for the comment,it's impossible to no everything, I'm learning all the time myself, that's what makes it fun!!! Cheers

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Mickey Leigh's book, I Slept With Joey Ramone and I had to look up some of Mickey's work. These are great songs and its really unfortunate that circumstances wouldn't allow this work to be revealed to a larger audience.

GREAT post! Thanks alot.

- Billy Christ -

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Billy, I'm sure thats probably a cool book. I'll have to check it out one day.

davespics said...

Hey I heard "I Won't Be Your Victim" on the radio the other day (Underground Garage - Sirius) and quickly bought the album on iTunes...great stuff. There is very little about the Rattlers on the web and your post is one of the better ones I found. Thanks!

A NEW Rattlers fan

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Dave,I listen to Under Garage too. They throw in some cool surprises now, and then. Depends on the DJ.Glad you like the post.

D said...

Hi, got a link for Rattled?
very hard to find

Frank Miller said...

You Got It, Enjoy!

D said...

Frank, thanks so much. I'll also let you know if I find their studio called Rattled!

Silvano Staffolani said...

Hey D are you still looking for Rattled?

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome. The fifth song is from Rattled. When I originally posted the songs, I was only recorded the ones I liked. If you're not able to get the rest of Rattled, let me know and I'll help you out.

D said...

@ Silvano & Frank....yes still looking for a good copy of Rattled
Always loved The Ramones, and I just had to have brother Mickey Leigh's band as well.


Silvano Staffolani said...

about Mickey Leigh you should have a look at this page :

D said...

Silvano, nice find, thanks for that.

Jim H. said...

still have this 45 from the day! i believe i saw them, also in NJ, and also opening for 999 at the long gone Cherry Hill club Emerald City (previously called The Latin Casino) in either late 1980/early 1981 when i was going to art school in Philly.....thanks!!