Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Theatre - Wild Boar Records EP

    Theatre were a Chicago four piece, around from 1978 to 1982. Besides this EP, they released a full length titled, " Diamonds" in 1981. Not sure if this is true but I stumbled on a ebay listing that claimed...Some tracks were recorded in upstate NY, while on their way back from a tour. The producer took these four and pressed 100 copies, of which 25 were circulated without the bands knowledge. At any rate, someone believed story, they paid $588.00.. One things certain, " Any time at all" is a great slice of Powerpop!

Line Up -

Donni Bennett - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Staszak - Guitar
Tommy Biondo - Bass, Vocals
Ricky Wilcox - Drums

Wild Boar Records - 1980

1. Just Can't Wait
2. Do It Again
3. Rock and Roll Queen
4. Any Time At All


Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller, would you happen to have the Suzy Marble "Look at That Boy Run B/W Listen for the Wind" 45rpm? There is one song posted on YouTube and it's really great. I've never heard the other one but i am assuming it's in the same new wave style. There's one copy for sale on Ebay right now as a "Buy It Now" but i can't afford it right now even though it's seems to be fairly priced. I tried to find it on some other blogs but nothing. Oh well, thanks for your great blog, i'm discovering so much. Cheers, Mike

Frank Miller said...

Hi Mike, Glad you enjoy the site! Sorry, I don't have the Suzy Marble 45. Thanks for commenting!