Thursday, January 20, 2022

David Raven and the Escorts - S/T EP

    David Raven and the Escorts were a three piece from Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm guessing the band probably formed around 1979 or so. They released a single, a couple of EP's and a full length titled, " Stab in the Dark". Not sure if it's legit but all three guys are named David?

Line Up

David Raven - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
David Domino - Keys
David Pemberton - Drums

RadioActive Records 1980

1. Keep On Burning
2. One Way Love
3. Dance Dance Dance
4. Somethin' in Our Way

♫♫►►We'll Dance Till the End Of the World◄◄♫♫


Guypinot said...

Saw him in a Vancouver club either in 1980 or '81. Cool music, even though it seemed like he was an older guy trying to latch on to the New Wave scene. "Play Time For Singles" the album, is a great ersatz Elvis Costello song.

Frank Miller said...

A fairly common occurrence of the time. Many defectors from 70's rock outfits jumped on the Punk/New Wave/Powerpop train. I know it was often frowned upon but some of the crossover resulted in a more professional approach. I guess you could look at that as a positive or a negative but some classic tunes were yielded, none the less. Thanks for the Comment!

ComadrejaPep said...

Thank you very much for this (and for all)!! Cheers.

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome. Thank You for commenting!