Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Demons (Action By Example Single)

a re-post by request, new link, rip and pics, originally posted 3-27-10.
The Demons were a London based band, originally called Demon Preacher, who formed sometime around 1975. They released two singles; The Royal Northern E.P. on Illegal Records and Little Miss Perfect, on Small Wonder Records, both from 1978. The band endured numerous line up changes. For a brief time they shortened their name to the Demons, and released this single on their own Crypt Music label. After this, they changed their name back to Demon Preacher and broke up. The line up for this record was: Nik-E-Wade (vocals), Jim Bryson (guitar), Dave Shark (guitar), Stevie Vincent (bass), and Kim Barti (drums). Nick Wade went on to form Alien Sex Fiend, and the flip side of this single ended up on their first LP.


Crypt Music 1980

1. Action By Example
2. Wish I Woz A Dog

♫♫♫...All I Want Is Action...♫♫♫


Woody said...

Thankx for all. You are a great collection of singles.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Woody !

Anonymous said...

my dad is the bassist in this. i think its awsome you managed to find it. afeter all action by example only sold 147 copies

MONTICELLI666 said...

You could post again the page is off the air.

Frank Miller said...

You got it, apologies for taking so long, Enjoy!