Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Vectors (The Vectors EP)

a repost, by request, originally posted 05/06/10, new rips and scans, enjoy! 
The Vectors were from Fullerton, California. They first made their mark in 1979 by landing a spot with a novelty song called "Death To Disco" on the " Insane Darrell Wayne No Disco Album". After gaining airplay on KROQ, KNAC and several college radio stations, a permanent line-up was put together and they began gigging around Orange County, and Los Angeles. Although The Vectors earned a large following, major label success eluded them. I think sometime around 1981 they called it a day. I'm pretty sure their only releases were the Death To Disco Single, and this EP. Other than the comp track listed above, Hey Kirby also appeared on the "The Up Another Octave Transmission" comp. They have a Myspace , other than that there's not much on them.

Line Up -

Dave Guccione - Guitar, Vocals
Dan Rosman - Vocals
Mike Moore - Bass
Stan Embry - Lead Guitar
John Pyburn - Drums

Red Zone Records 1981

1. Black Pills
2. Bondage Man
3. Bad Situation
4. Fast Cars (fast girls)
5. Hey Kirby

♫♫♫...Here Comes The Radiation...♫♫♫


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