Sunday, June 13, 2010

Non Compos Mentis (Ultimate Orgasm Single)

Non Compos Mentis, Which means, not of sound mind were a three piece from the Dallas, Texas area. According to the Post Punk Diary Page, they first called themselves The Selecter, until discovering a UK band with the same name. They then changed their name to The Schematics before finally ending up as NCM. VVV records was a store, and a record label ran by Neal Caldwell (Bass, Vocal). In all, they released two singles, and had tracks on the Sacred Cattle EP, and the Live At The Hot Klub Lp. My copy is a second press, (1000 copies) the first press had black and white labels, and had a limited press of 500 copies.
VVV Records 1980
1. Ultimate Orgasm
2. Twist The Blade


bristolboy said...

oh... I like this!!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Bristolboy

Red Starr Recordings said...

hey it's rob from work.
check ur mail, i fix that pic for ya.

convertido said...

Sometime during the late 1990s a lot of the VVV bands and early Dallas punk bands played a reunion show. The wife and I went and saw NCM as well as Bobby Sox, Ejectors, Teenage Queers, etc. The bands were cool, but the old folks dancing like 1980s white folks was hilarious! Bobby Sox killed!

Frank Miller said...

Sounds like a great show, thanks for the comment.