Monday, June 7, 2010

The Onits (Weekend Wrestler Single)

The Onits Formed in 1980, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. They were together until sometime around 1982. Along the way they released this, their only record. I found THIS PAGE , that gives a pretty descent history of the band. I was surprised I found anything at all. According to the page, out of 1000 copies pressed., about 300 were sold to friends, and many were destroyed. I'm not sure if this ever had a picture sleeve or not.
Vinyl Dream Records 1981
1. Weekend Wrestler
2. Gamma Rays


deadboy said...

i live in ontario and never heard of them. thanks

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Deadboy

zach said...

nope, never had a picture sleeve.

Branko said...

This is a fantastic thing to come across for 25 cents! I scored!

Frank Miller said...

That rarely happens to me anymore, but it's great when it does. Congrats