Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Infections (Kill For You Single)

For some reason, completely out of the blue; Kill for you popped into my head today. I couldn't get it out. Funny thing is, I bought this record when it came out; and it's been sitting in a box for well over 10 years in my basement. Funny how our brains work sometimes, anyway when I got home from work; I thought maybe posting it would help get it out of my head, so hear it is. These guys look like they just came home from an all you can eat spaghetti dinner that went wrong. I don't own all of the Rip Off releases; but I bought a number of them. For the most part, the majority were low-fi reved up rock-n-roll; and this one's no different. The Infections were from San Fransisco. They put out a full length titled "Kill", as well as this single, and maybe a couple of comp tracks. They had a couple of different lineups; but for this single's purposes, the line up was: Greg Lowery, (Bass) Shane White, (Guitar) Wesley Gravolet, (Drums) and Jason Dancer, (Guitar). Greg Lowery runs, or ran Rip Off Records; is Rip Off still around? All these guys were in multiple bands; check out this Grunnen Rocks page, for some history.
Rip Off Records 1996
1. Kill For You
2. The Sign Of A Good Time


G O D said...

Alrite,man!! I was gonna post this a while back,but decided not to ,because the comp of all their stuff was posted at several other blogs,and I try to only post what's not posted anywhere else,thru extensive searches of the web.Love your blog,tho',and this single kicks ass.I have The Rip-offs single from the same time period,and I believe the same line-up!Also have the problematics 7",from the same time ,and as with all ripp-off stuff,one sided!Also have a buncha Mummies,but like I said,most of this stuff is posted elsewhere,and I pride myself on posting the rare,not found on the web,type stuff.Come see my blog of crazy ,fucked-up,music,including the hundreds of bands I've been in.Also the "OFFICIAL HOME OF WHEELCHAIR FULL OF OLD MEN RECORDS ON THE WEB" Food Fortunata named me "Web Archivist"and started a band with me ,ZATH ,just released our 6th album ,in just over a year!Well,it's been nice leaving this comment,but I gotta go!Gettin ready to record a brand new band,"Grady Ha Ha",and hopefully get it posted tonite!I will be the only member of said band.
Thanks , G O D

Frank Miller said...

I think I have The Problematics single ,and a 10". If I remember right they were a pretty good band. I don't get too caught up in who posted what first. That's like saying only one radio station can play a song.I'm just sharing my collection with people, and I post whatever strikes me.I do check out your blog from time to time, (it's on my favorites list)I really like it.Thanks for the comment.

Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

A very cool single. I like the LP just as much! keep up the killer tunes...
some tunes ya might dig at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!

I never had this single, but I had the Infections LP. I still like the Rip-Offs and Supercharger a little bit more.

Rip-Off put out a Problematics LP called "The Kids All Suck" that combined the earlier releases, mostly. Real rock n roll.

Frank Miller said...

I never bought anything from Supercharger, maybe I'll have to check them out sometime. I do have, and like The Rip-Offs LP though. I have to admit, I got burned out on the whole Low-Fi, Rock-N-Roll thing pretty quickly. To me, most of those bands all sounded pretty much the same, and I got bored with it. thanks for the comment.

Jimmy The Exploder said...

Very, very cool. Thanks for posting it! Been playing the hell out of it!

Frank Miller said...

Glad you like it Jimmy. Thanks for the comment.