Sunday, September 15, 2019

Cavern (No Reason to Cry E.P.)

   a repost by request, originaly posted 4/11/11, new rips and scans, Enjoy!
   I've always been a sucker for mid Sixties British invasion revival bands. This one was Preston based; and they released two Singles:"No Reason to Cry" and "Rain Until September". If you want to know more about Cavern; I found two Myspaces for you to check out: HERE, and HERE.

Kay Drum Records 1982

1. No Reason To Cry
2. Cry For You
3. Wont Let You Go

♫♫♫...You Should Be Sad...♫♫♫


bristolboy said...

I've got also got a white label promo of this which doesn't state the 2 tracks on the "b" side but has "A side" as "Won't let you go" (the other 2 are "No reason.." & "cry.." They must really have liked this song as it's the B-side to "Rain.." as well

zach said...

thank you so much! this is fantastic!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Bruce, I figured you would like it Zach.