Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Gentlemen ("Suicide Notes" Ep)

Per request a re-post from 2/26/09 New Rip, and Scans.
   Little Gentlemen were a Philadelphia based four piece. Their output included this, their debut e.p, and a couple of Lp's (one of which I have) that really didn't do much for me . I believe they may have had a couple tracks on the comp Get Of My Back.

Line Up -

Rob DiJoseph - Bass
Paul Evalds - Vocals
Thomas Michael Iannelli - Guitar
Wayne "Roof-Rabbit" Paupst - Drums

B.T.C.P Records 1983

1. General Hospital
2. Rant, Rant, Rant
3. I Am The Gun

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Anonymous said...

saw these guys in Philly opening for Black Flag in 1984;....Rob DiJoseph was a high school mate of my younger brother, so I was FORCED to go see them tho they were not too bad, in 1983-kind-of-hardcore......jim