Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Hits (Count On You Single)

The Hits were a five piece from NYC that were around from the late 70's, into the early Eighties. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much info on the band. This may have been their only single; it was produced by Steve Priest of Sweet; and had a pressing of 1000, (500 pink, 500 black). That's all I could find, Here's A Myspace Page; that has a couple of videos. One on The Uncle Floyd Show, and the other doing a cool tune called Survivor on The Flo, and Eddie Show; anyone know if they ever recorded it?

Line Up -

Mikael Kirke - Lead Vocals
Jimmy Ambrose - Guitars
Peter Belmonte - Guitars, Vocals
Tommy Loughran - Bass Vocals
Michael Favata - Drums

Nobell Records 1980

1. Count On You
A. All The Girls (Wanna Be In Gangs)

♪♪♪ The Hits ♪♪♪


Woody said...

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Woody, glad you liked the record.

Anonymous said...

excellent, in that early 80's way! I cloudily remember seeing them on the Unc Floyd show in teh day, much like Bonjovi! thanks!!! jim

Frank Miller said...

No problem, thanks for the comment Jim.

Doug said...

Something new to me.They definitely have a power pop look.

Frank Miller said...

I've recently been in touch with Mikael Kirke. He was gracious enough to provide me with some info on The Hits, as well as his solo effort called "Only For You".It's got a couple of cool tracks on it. In the near future I'm planning on reposting the Hits single with a couple of tracks from his Lp, and better band info. Thanks for the comment!