Friday, July 11, 2014

The Legendary Earthlings ( Get Out Of Harms Way Ep)

Here's a six piece from, (I'm guessing) the New York / New Jersey area. This appears to be their sole release and unfortunately, I can't find anything on the band. Lead singer, Vic Harrison previously released a great single with an outfit called Cheese. If you've never heard the single it's worth finding. That's all I got.

Line Up-

Jack Bashwiner - Bass, Vocals
Donna Fiducia - Flute, Piccolo
Vic Harrison - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jim Robinson - French Horn
Steve Rowe - Piano
Randy Zweiban - Drums

Boswell Records 1982

1. Get Out Of Harm's Way
2. Gone Cat Gone
3. You Never Leave

♫♫♫...Cut Out On The Double...♫♫♫


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bristolboy said...

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