Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The City Limits (Morse-Code Messages E.p)

I was introduced to this record a few years back by Bruce, who posted it on his excellent "My Life's A Jigsaw Blog. It became an instant favorite, from the moment I heard it and I've been trying to get a copy ever since. Unfortunately, it rarely shows up and when it has; my bankroll never seemed to coincide with it's appearance. Recently, the moon and the stars lined up and I was able to finally obtain a copy. To celebrate my acquisition, I've decided to post it here for you. If you've never heard this record, your in for a treat, Enjoy!
  The City Limits were a five piece from Leeds, England; that were around in the late 70's. Unfortunately, this was their sole release. If you would like to read more about the band, check out Bruce's great post's HERE. I've been told, this may soon to be reissued on the Sing Sing Label and Queen Mum Records, so keep a look out!!

Line Up -

Ted Waite - Vocals, Guitar
Anthony Pearl - Vocals, Guitar
Jonathan Beardsworth - Guitar
Paul Hartwoods - Bass
Colin McCaig - Drums

Luggage Label 1979

1. Morse-Code Messages
2. If I Had The Time
3. I Just Can't Say Goodbye !

♫♫♫...I Only Wanna Hold You...♫♫♫


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Frank Miller said...

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