Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Resistors - (e.p. for Jeanie)

Keeping with the Irish theme..
   The Resistors were a Dublin Ireland outfit, that formed in 78. They released a song titled, "Service with a smile" on a Kick Records sampler titled, "Just for Kicks, (you can hear it here) and this self released e.p.; before disbanding in 1981. Paul O'Reilly and Tim McStay continued writing songs, signed to Scoff records and release a single titled, "That's it", backed with, "Steal my love" in 1983. Shortly after they called it a day.

Line up -

Peter McEvoy - Vocals
Paul O'Reilly - Guitar
Tim McStay - Keyboards
Valentine - Bass
Brian Curran - Drums

Break Records 1980

1. Jeanie
2. Takeaway Love
3. End Of The Line

♫♫♫...Did you think it would be so easy...♫♫♫

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