Sunday, February 16, 2020

Oh Boy! (Masterplan Single)

   Here's a nice Dutch, Powerpop two sider. Bass player Jan Voster played with The Meteors and Erik Brusse and Michiel Jansen both went on to Eric and the Burden. I couldn't find anything on the drummer. Looks like this was their only record. That's all I could find.

Ariola Records - 1981

1. Masterplan
2. Sorry I Exist

♫♫♫...There's Nothing Left To Say...♫♫♫


Jim Dubai said...

Hey Frank, seems the link for both Oh Boy and The Skunks are down, are you able to uploaded them again, would love to hear these, thanks

Frank Miller said...

Hi Jim, it appears there's something going on with Sugarsync. Try back a little later. If it doesn't come back, I'll get in touch with them.

Frank Miller said...

Sugarsync is currently down, hopefully they fix the problem soon!

Jim Dubai said...

Thanks Frank, all good now, look forward to listening to them

Frank Miller said...

Great, glad they sorted things out. Thanks for the heads up and the comment, Enjoy!