Monday, April 13, 2020

The Seen (When I Was Young Single + Bonus)

 a repost by request, originally posted 1-6-11, new rips and scans, enjoy! 
   The Seen were a three piece Mod/Garage outfit from Pennsylvania, that were around from 1981 till 1988. Their recorded output was an LP Titled Under The Sun/In The Rain, This single, a self-released 3-song cassette EP, a track on The Declaration of Fuzz comp, and a great more garage sounding tune called Jealous Girl, on The Battle of the Garages 2 comp, included for your listening pleasure.

Line Up

Glenn Sadin - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Edmunds - Bass, Vocals
Doug Edmunds - Drums, Vocals

Paradox Records 1986

1. When I Was Young
2. Stopping On Go !
3. Jealous Girl

♫♫♫...Now I Have To Care...♫♫♫


Frank Miller said...


angel said...

Hello, thanks for this.

Do you happen to have the LP of the same year? Been looking for it for ages


Frank Miller said...

Hi Angel, you're welcome I have the Under the Sun Lp. I can record it but it may take me a while. I'll need you to send me an email.
Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Frank!

Frank Miller said...

You're Welcome.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks Frank!

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome Curt. Thanks for the comment!

spavid said...

I have the album. I was about to digitize it in fact. Thanks for sharing this single!

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome, Thanks for posting the lp!

Icky_7734 said...

Oh Man - this is a rad little record!
Never heard of these guys, would love to hear more.
Thanks for posting.

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome, thanks for the comment!