Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Standbys - The Standbys E.P.

    The Standbys were a San Diego, California, four piece; that formed in 1979. They released this ep in 1980. I read they released a full length titled, "Buy Now or Die Dumb" but I couldn't find proof of it's existence . They called it quits in 1985.

Line Up

Tom Waller - Lead Vocals, Bass
Dave Astor - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Dean - Guitar, Vocals
Ted Olson - Drums

World Records 1980

1. Standby
2. Wasn't He Happy?
3. Withdraw
4. America Is Waiting


Mynewkindofkick said...

They opened for the Clash in 79 and Mick Jones thought they were really nice ... listening to "Wasn't he happy" it's easy to understand why ! Thanks!

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome. Thank You for the comment!