Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Chicaynes (Further Thoughts Single)

Here's a great record from another band I couldn't find any info on. They were a U.K. band that were around in the early 80's. Other than this single, the only other record I've ever seen by them was a split with a Philly band called the Patriots. If anyone would like to fill in the blanks, please be my guest.
Bam Caruso Records 1981
1. Further Thoughts
2. Cry a little


bristolboy said...

this is the 2nd pressing of this record It was originally released on "dinosaur Discs" also in 1981 but the sides were flipped (i.e cry a little was the a side) + the band were called "the Chicanes - without the y)+ different sleeve

Frank Miller said...

Thanks bristolboy, I didn't know this was a 2cnd pressing. I looked around for info with the other spelling, and all I found was this record on a bunch of want lists. Thanks again!!

POPPHIL said...

A million thanks for this one and so many others.
Keep it up!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Popphil, Thanks for the comment.

Nick "losergame" said...

The CHICANES single was also released in Australia (Stunn, BFA-734, 1981, company sleeve only).

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info Nick.

malcolm mcdonald said...

I just stumbled over this - I may be able to shed a little light here: I sang, played guitar on, and wrote all the Chicanes songs. We recorded these two in Alvic studios in West Kensington in late 1980 (I think). All the stuff on the Patriots split album was intended as a second single and the beginnings of a full album. Dinosaur Discs folded before any of that could happen, and the Chicaynes re-release, the Patriots split, and any other releases (e.g. the Stunn release in Oz) happened without my knowledge. The band was a three-piece, all from Glasgow, and finally chucked it in '83 (again, I think...). I moved on to play in a few other outfits, most notably The Primevals until December 2010. I'm now working on a solo record. The drummer is now Alesha Dixon's manager (true) and the bass player has gone to ground.
Thought this might be of interest.
Malcolm McDonald, Glasgow

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Malcolm, I appreciate the info, The Chicaynes made some great music.

Glen Smith said...

Hi Guys

Been reading all the info on the group and my dad was their manager way back in the early 80's and to my joy i still have the master tape my dad kept with loads of chicanes music on it was just listening to it tonight,the tape is like 30 years old but the songs are amazing!!!! If any of the band mates are out there give me a shout...Cheers Glen