Monday, May 24, 2010

The Ugly (Stranded In The Laneway Single)

For a band that had such a bad reputation, this is a really a melodic Pop influenced record. The Ugly were one of the earliest Punk bands from from Toronto’s east end. They formed in 1976 as The Rotten, but changed their name to "The Ugly" when they realized Johnny Rotten had already claimed the name. Being the loudest, and one of most intimidating bands of the Toronto underground, they earned the moniker "hoodlum rockers". One of the bands biggest problems was, at least one of them were constantly in trouble with the law, or in jail. They would often play places off the beatin path to avoid the police, and singer Mike Nightmare would wear disguises, such as a black leather mask or big yellow sunglasses to conceal his identity. As they put it, the band disbanded in 1978 as a result of the never ending chaos. In 1996 Other Peoples Music released a 17 track disc of material recorded in 1977 called "Disorder," that you can pick up HERE . I read, singer Mike Nightmare passed away The next year while in jail. In all, The Ugly appeared on The "And Now Live From Toronto, The Last Pogo comp from 1978",This Single, and a few more recent releases of older material, including a video titled,"The Last Pogo recorded in 1978, released in 2008. The band reunited in 2007, and has a show scheduled on Sat. July 17, 2010. at : The Garrison 1197 Dundas St. West. Toronto, Time: 9:00 PM.Price: $10. Here's the Official Ugly Web Site , go check them out.
Explosion Records 1978
1. Stranded In The Laneway (of love)
2. To Have Some Fun


topper said...

Thanx for the Ugly......personally i find their cd a bit dissapointed.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Topper, I never heard the cd ? Thanks for the comment.

chris said...

from what i saw of the current line up of The Ugly and from what i understand from the old punx..The Ugly were a live band and never captured in true form on vinyl etc....

Frank Miller said...

This single is the only thing I ever heard from them. It's true, that some bands don't come off on record as well as they do live.Thanks for the comment Chris

Urotsukidoji said...

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