Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Frost (Introduces Classical Punk !)

The Frost are going to introduce you to some classical Punk??? Well,..... maybe not unless they're referring to 60's punk, and even then, not so much. What you have here (in my opinion) is a primitive, stripped down, 70's sounding Pop record with some 60's overtones. If I had to make a comparison, think Slickee Boys, meets The Bizarros, with less attitude. I'm not putting this down mind you, I really like it, especially the song Mirrors. I'm rambling because as usual I can't find anything on these guys. I'm going to guess they were from the New England area, and the Matrix tells us, it's from 1981. The back side of the record is blank, and as is the case with most of Destiny's releases, they give you little or no band info.
Destiny Records 1981
1. Games
2. Tell Me Why
3. Where Am I
4. Mirrors
5. All I Need


bristolboy said...

Not sure about "classical punk" shouldn't it read classic - anyway as you say what does it matter when the tunes are as crafted as these NICE - It's a pleasant listen

Frank Miller said...

I didn't even think about that, what is classical punk anyway???