Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Rites For Genocide And MIA

I've been posting quite a bit of Powerpop lately, so I thought this would be a good record to break things up a bit. This totally sizzles from my turntable. Like most people I'm sure, the MIA side of this record is definitely my favorite. While researching, I was a little disappointed there wasn't more info on this split. I wonder how it was decided to pair these bands? Their from opposite sides of the country, and the material wasn't even recorded in the same year. Unfortunately, or fortunately (for exposure purposes), depending on how you look at it for Genocide, they were paired with one of the great Hardcore E.P's of the era. I think that caused their side of the record to be over shadowed. At any rate, its a good effort from the period, just give Syphillis Strain # 5 a listen.
Genocide, were from New Jersey, they were formed around 1979 by Brian and Bobby Ebbs. Besides this split, I think they had a track or two on one of the Dirt Comps, and a full length titled Submit to Genocide. I must admit I never picked up the Lp. Sadly Bobby Ebbs died, I can't find the exact date though.
MIA's origins were in Las Vegas, singer Mike Conley, drummer Chris Moon and guitarist Nick Adams were in a band called The Swell. They broke up in 1981, and moved to Orange County, where they formed MIA. In All, they released this split, three full lengths, and they had a number of compilation appearances. In 1988 they split up. Sadly, in 2008 vocalist Mike Conley was found dead in a Chicago hotel parking lot. Alternative Tentacles released a MIA retrospective called Lost Boys in 2001, you can still get it HERE .
Smoke Seven Records 1982


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