Monday, September 27, 2010

The Left (Hell It's The World + Bonus)

This record has been a long time favorite of mine, and in my opinion, is criminally underrated. I included a bonus track from the Bona Fide records comp titled "The Train To Disaster!", which was The bands Vinyl debut. The Left formed in Hagerstown, Maryland, around 1983, and released this record in 1984. They had Another LP titled," Last Train to Hagerstown" but broke up before the LP was released. You can Check out the Left at their Myspace , they have more detailed band info, along with a CD for sale. You can also pick up the CD along with other cool merchandise at the Bona Fide website.
Bona Fide Records 1984


Unknown said...

Great band i always like to hear.
Cool Post, thanks.

Adam said...

"Fuck It" is a classic!

Frank Miller said...

I think the whole side two is great,but I've always been kind of partial to Attitudes.Thanks for the comments!

GraemeSTL said...

Hmmm, I keep getting 'file temporarily unavailable' . . . other megaupload links are working . . . I guess I'll keep checking.

Frank Miller said...

Somethings going on with Megaupload Graeme, I checked another site and had the same problem. Thanks

GraemeSTL said...

Cheers Frank, got it, and a jaunty little LP it is!