Saturday, January 2, 2016

That Hideous Strength (We Don't Drive We Time Travel E.P.)

 a repost by request, originally posted 9/02/11, new rips and scans.
   That Hideous Strength were a three piece from Brooklyn N.Y. I couldn't find much info on the band. They did release another single; But I don't remember ever hearing it. I'm not sure whether, or not this record was actually meant to be taken seriously but in my opinion, More Powerful Than A Steaming Locomotive, is pretty great and definitely the winner.

Band Members Were:

Roy Wagner - (Guitars, and Vocals)
Mike Ober - (Guitars And Vocals) I found this page with a little bit on Mike.
Harry Britwar - (Bass, and Vocals)
Rodney Smith - (He's Listed, as the designated Drummer; I'm not sure if he was really part of the group?)

Aware Records 1977

1. A Night At The Space Opera
2. They Call Me Energy
3. More Powerful Than A Steaming Locomotive

♫♫♫...I Don't Think I can Boogie Tonight...♫♫♫


Punkzer0 said...

Hey Frank

I'm with you. Not sure if this is meant to be serious, but I really like all three tracks.

Great post, Thanks

Bruce. said...

Hey, this is great!!
I think it's just a pissabout myself. I've been trying to get a copy of the original 45 for ages! ( A copy last week on Ebay went for £22 without the pic sleeve.).
Hey Garychching (ASFM), how ya been?
I've got their second 45 which is alright but nowhere as good as this.
If your interested let me know. I can MP3 it for ya.
Can you get your hands on a 3 tracker by a U.S. punk band called SST on the Tidal Wave label.
If anybody's got a copy to sell let me know.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Gary, nice to hear from you, thanks for the comment, I miss your blog. Hi Bruce thanks for the comment, sorry, but I can't help you on the SST single, thata's one I never picked up.I think it shows up once in a while, if you keep your eyes open.

Anonymous said...

can you re-upp this please?


Anonymous said...

thank you!!! :))


Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Marc !