Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Toasters (Stuck On You Single)

a repost, by request, originally posted 6/03/11, new rips and scans.
   The Toasters were from LA California. They formed in 1979, and I'm pretty sure this was their only single. They also had a great track on "Waves" a comp from Bomp Records, that I included for your listening pleasure. I read in 1982, they recorded a demo for RCA Records. Unfortunately, they weren't picked up; and a year or two later, they disbanded. If anyone has a copy of the Demo, I'd love to hear it.

Line up -

Mark Lee - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Bruce Kaplan - Guitars
Marc Navez - Bass, and Vocals
David Doolittle - Drums

Bagel Records 1979

1. Stuck On You
2. Baby's On The Rag
3. Teenage Tease

♫♫♫...I Ain't That Easily Amused...♫♫♫


Michael said...

Teenage Tease is and awesome new-wave surf-rocker!

Frank Miller said...

Glad you like it Michael.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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