Monday, February 22, 2016

The Nubs (Job Single)

 a repost, by request, originally posted 11/16/11, new rips and scans, enjoy!
   The Nubs were a three piece from San Francisco. As far as I know this was their only single. I found this page from a couple of years ago. At the time, they had reformed, been playing out, and released a CD, with this single, as well as a bunch of tracks that I think were recorded later. I've never heard the disc, and I'm not sure if it's still available, or even if The Nubs are still around or not. I know this one can be found other places on the net, but someday when it's time to put this blog to rest; It wouldn't be right to have not included this classic.

Line Up:

David Muniz - Drums, Vocals
Jim Stockford - Vocals, Bass
Steve Wellborn - Guitars

Businessman Records 1980

1. Job
2. Little Billy's Burning

♫♫♫...I Can't Get No Kicks...♫♫♫


Unknown said...

An absolute classic, almost an anthem, almost thrilled me every morning through my head.

styreneboy said...

Cool post. New Bomb Turks did a great version of Job that's worth checking out too.

Frank Miller said...

I heard the New Bomb Turks version before, your right, it's a great cover. Thanks for the comments!

Emc is a Square said...

PLEASE! Re-up once more??? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

There's another 7" from 1979 according to kbd records blog:

Frank Miller said...

I believe the Nubs single from 79 was a different band from New Hampshire.
Thanks For The Comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, u r right. Two different groups. Thanks for the info.