Sunday, July 6, 2014

White Boy (Never Mind Single)

Re-posted per request, originally posted 11/12/11, new rips, Enjoy!
White Boy were a father son duo from Washington DC, that were around from 1977 to 1983. Mr. Ott, and Jake Whipp, were the only constants; the rest of the line up was somewhat of a revolving door throughout the existence of the band. Their first single, “Sagittarius Bumpersticker” was released in 77, and is credited as being one of the earliest punk records to come from DC area. White Boy’s recorded output, (as far as I know?) was four singles, (this being the third) and a 12” ep all on their own Doodley Squat Record Label.

Line Up:

Jake Whipp – Guitars, Vocals
Mr. Ott – Vocals
Scott Pusey – Bass
Chips Bumalowe – Drums
Axle Standoff – Synthesizer

Doodley Squat Records 1978

1. Never Mind
2. Heavens Of Hell

♫♫♫...All Your Friends Stink...♫♫♫


styreneboy said...

My love of this band is hugely disproportionate to their talent or influence! This is my least favourite of their releases, but you can't have enough White Boy... Great band (do you call them a band?) and a great post!

Frank Miller said...

Glad you like the post, thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

this record is so great a real masterpice of punk.

Bruce. said...

Yeah a really OTT band. I've got all their records which I shared over at Garychching's ASFM blog in days gone by.

The band's Mr Ott ended up in jail for some pretty dodgy stuff that I won't go into now.

They also have a track on the "30 Seconds Over DC" comp which is great.

If you need MP3's let me know.

Emc is a Square said...

Sure would love a re-up of this link. Everyone knows this material is some of the hardest to find. Thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Done, Enjoy!