Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fools Face ( I Could Tell Single)

Fools face were a Springfield, MO based five piece that were around from the late 70’s, through the early 80’s. In all they released three full lengths and a couple of singles, (this being their first and my favorite) I’m not sure when it was released as there’s no date on the record, but the general consensus seems to be 1979. You can check out the Tell America LP over at The great Wilfully Obscure blog.

Line Up -

Jimmy Frink - Guitar
Brian Coffman - Guitar
Jim Wirt - Bass
Dale McCoy - Keys
Tommy Dwyer - Drums

Bubble Records 1979

1. I Could Tell
2. Modern Lover

♫♫♫...I Didn't Need To Turn Around...♫♫♫


Jim H. said...

excellent one, thanks! i always used to read about these guys in the old Trouser Press magazine in the late 70s, but good luck finding their records where i grew up in SE Pennsylvania....found most of them on vinyl over the years, and tho inconsistent, they are well worth the time!!!

spavid said...

Had no idea this existed. Thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks you both for the comments. Where in PA did you grow up Jim?

Holly said...

Thank you very much!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Holly, thanks for your comment !

RunaroundAce said...

Can you put more fools face, like their LPs? Can't find downloads anywhere.

Frank Miller said...

I can hook you up with the LP. Email me and I'll send you a link to download it.