Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Revelons - The Way (You Touch My Hand Single)

The Revelons were NYC four piece that were around from 1978 to 1983. During that span they released this single, as well as having two cuts on the Marty Thau Presents 2x5 comp. They often served as the house band at CBGB'S, and  Playboy called them New York's best underground band in 1981. If you want to read more about The Revelons, I found THIS MYSPACE, for you. The Revelons reformed in 2002 to release a compilation CD called "Anthology", and then In 2008 released a full length called "Pop-Ism!"; you can pick the discs up by following the links. (Sorry for the poor scans, for some reason my scanner had trouble with the colors on this one)

Line-Up -

Gregory Pickard - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jimmy Wynbrandt - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Nels Pierce - Bass, Vocals
Dana Duquet - Drums, Vocals

Ork Records 1979

1. The Way (You Touch My Hand)
2. 97 Tears

***The Revelons***


spavid said...

Very cool share. I bought the anthology when it came out, but heard nothing about the 2008 release until you mentioned it. Thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome! Glad you liked the post. Thank You for the comment!

Kramer said...

The Nomads did a version of The Way (you touch my hand) on their first six track album

Frank Miller said...

I never picked that one up, is it any good? Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

bassist Nels was a cutie.