Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ingemar Bergman Troop (The Modern Girl Single)

Ingemar Bergman Troop were a three piece from Uppsala Sweden. From what I gather, they were actually the Poppier alter ego of a band called Kaipa. It looks as though they released three singles, ( this being the last) and a full length, all on the RCA label.

Line Up -

Lennart Backwall - Guitar
Mats  Lofgren - Vocals
Ingemar Bergman - Drums

RCA Victor 1981

1. The Modern Girl
2. Then I Kissed Her

♫♫♫...Gets what she wants...♫♫♫


Cesar Roa said...

Thank you very much for all. This single is fantastic (side a is superb).

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Cesar, glad you enjoy it. Thanks for the comment!

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