Saturday, October 4, 2014

Aerial FX (First Two Singles)

Aerial FX were a Oxford based five piece that formed around 1980. They released three singles, (the first two represented here) and a full length titled, "Watching The Dance".
   Following the full length, they signed to EMI, however no further releases eventually lead to the bands end around 1986.
   In 2010 Other Voices Records release a LP titled "Same River Twice" which is a collection of various unreleased material.

Line Up -

Chris Hufford - Vocals
Andy Melton - Bass
Richard Hart - Guitar
Bryce Edge - Keyboards
Simon Bladon - Drums

Square Records - 1980

1. So Hard
2. It's About Time

♫♫♫...It's So Hard...♫♫♫

Island Records 1981

1. Take It From Here
2. Somewhere

♫♫♫...Where Can You Hide...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Not something I expected to see here, but glad to find them! Now I need to get a rip of the LP again, I've been hurting since my hard drive crashed back in May :(

Glad you're still keeping this up!

Frank Miller said...

That sucks, I've had my share of computer problems over the years. Thanks for the comment.