Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Playboys (Nightbus Single)

The Playboys were a UK four piece, (London area maybe?) and it appears that this was their only record. Nightbus is a reggae number, while the flip, (my fav of the two) is a pretty rockin' Powerpop tune.

Line Up -

Mark Leigh-Davis - Bass, Vocals
Rod Rafter - Drums
Jim Gleeson - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Paul Mogg - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Smash Hit Records 1979

1. Nightbus
2. I'm In A movie

♫♫♫...You Can Pull Your Gun...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for reuploading the Bad Brains and DOA EPs. Much appreciated. Two total Hardcore classics. Keep up the good work.

Frank Miller said...

My pleasure, thanks for the comment.