Monday, September 22, 2014

The Radio Ghosts (Say Hello To The World Of Love EP)

The Radio Ghosts were a Scottish four piece that were around in the early eighties. I can't find much else about them except in 1982 they also released a mini LP titled "Handfuls Of Everything" that I've never heard. I like this record, especially the great Bass lines and choppy, jangly Guitar work on Author.

Line Up -

Martin Cotter - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Iain Bain - Guitar
Paul Quinn - Bass, Vocals
Craig Lesley - Drums

Static Records 1980

1. Author
2. Actor
3. My Room

♫♫♫...I Am Your Creator...♫♫♫


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks Frank

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, thanks for the comment.

gaxfax said...

Thanks for these new tracks, cool as always

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Gary, I appreciate the comment.

Holly said...

Many thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Holly, thanks for the comment !

blob bladewig said...

Thanks for this.
Here's a link to "Handfuls of Everything"

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the download Blob, much appreciated! Sorry for the slow response. It's not quite as catchy, (at least to me anyway) but I'm glad I got to hear it. Thanks again!