Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Acme Attractions (Anyway Single)

Acme Attractions were a four piece from Lewsey Farm, Luton,  UK. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much else about them. I read 500 copies of this single exist? They released a second single under, Bonnie Parker & Acme Attractions, on Orchid Records, in 1981. They may have changed their name to The English Dream. 

Line Up -

Jim Nagle - Vocals
Geoff Lidyard - Guitar, Vocals
Ivor Brimble - Drums
Dave Adam - Bass

A-Trax Records 1980

1. Anyway
2. Never Again

♫♫♫...My Girl Says I'm Going Mad...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Always been a fan of this one! Had some notes of them somewhere (old hard-drive) years back and I remember the rumor that they were the backing band on the Bonnie Parker single, but never seen any info (or sleeve notes from the UK/Spain issue of that 7") to try and do a name match for anyone in the band that cut "Anyway" to confirm it. Otherwise, it was recorded at Quest Studios in Luton, so possible they hailed from that area? As for the "500 Only", I'd believe it, but I think a lot of people tend to assume that when it comes to many of the 'diy' released singles from the era (but this one is scarce enough that i'd be surprised if there was more than 1K).
Cheers, M.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment. I saw Luton enough places, that I thought it was probably true. If not, I figured someone would set me straight, lol. Hopefully this post will draw out some info? I was surprised to find so little about these guys; it's a great record.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you never know, even though they used the studio there they could have been from St. Albans or another close by town (like Funboy Five who also recorded their 7" there with the same sound engineer). I wish I remember what/where I found info on them in the past, but it was back in 2005/06 when I was working on research/submissions for Alex Ogg's "No More Heroes" book and the drive the file was on crashed out on me about 4yrs back :( Definitely too bad they never managed any other recorded output. Cheers, M.
[PS any UK rarities you're looking to hear? Maybe I'll have something]

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the offer. Maybe I'll take you up on it sometime.

Mark L. said...

I know i've offered before, but I think the only things I ever forwarded you were extras by The Rousers a few years back and the Strikers EP. Cheers, M.

Frank Miller said...

Yes, I remember, great stuff. I never did pick up The Rousers CD. Thanks again Mark!

Frank Miller said...

Thank you for the info Bruce!

Dave Adam (Bass player) said...

Acme Attractions hailed from Luton.
We did back Bonnie Parker on Eve of Destruction.
There are a few mint copies.of the vinyl single Anyway that me and the singer.Jim Nagle have.
Are you interested?

Frank Miller said...

Hi Dave, thanks for the comment and for the offer. My copy is pretty nice though. Thanks for the great record!

margarita said...

Hello Dave Adam,
Yep i would be interested in getting a clean copy to replace my old, much-loved battered one..if you could please drop me a line hopefully we can sort one out.

- thanks a lot,

Dave Adam (Bass player) said...

Hi Margarita,
I will be in touch.

art damij said...

Hi Dave Adam...i'd REALLY like a copy of this excellent single if you still have 1..please,get in touch! ..thanks!

Stathis said...

can you please repost this single or send me a link to
Thank you very much