Friday, May 8, 2020

The Accelerators ( The Accelerators Ep)

a repost by request, originally posted 3-13-2009, new rip enjoy!
   Liverpool's The Accelerators Formed in 1977, playing over 400 gigs in their five-year existence . Other than this record they had a great track on the Liverpool comp Street to Street called Radio Blues. They also released a cassette through mail order in 1979 called, Have you been accelerated? It would seem that in 1981 the Accelerators became no more. Here's a Link and as requested by Graeme, a Live video for Popguns and Green Lantern.

Line Up -

Chris Martin - Vocals
Martin Smith - Guitar
Kathy Freeman - Guitar
Tony Doyle - Bass, Vocals
Brian Damage - Drums

Spiv Records 1979

1. Popguns and Green Lantern
2. Liberate the Night
3. Broken Promises
4. Reason For Treason
5. Telepathic Romance
6. This is Your Life

♫♫♫...Do You Remember Anything...♫♫♫