Friday, May 22, 2020

The Form ( Watch Out Ep)

This one was posted a while back on a couple of great blogs but I really wanted to add it to my collection, so here it goes.
   The Form were a London five piece, that came together in the late 70's and lasted till 1981. This, (the bands only record )was recorded in 1979, the better part of a year before it was released. 547 copies were pressed; 47 without sleeves. My copy is autographed by the band. I was doing some reading on the Bored Teenagers Website . It appears that live, two ladies named Caz and Pet, calling themselves the Nymphets would join, creating a six vocalist assault.

Line Up 

Gary Mole, aka Daktari Swets - Lead Vocals
Nick Calloway - Guitar
Pete Watt - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Hill - Bass
Graham Smith, aka Big G - Drums

Elephant Records 1980

1. Watch Out!
2. Start Again
3. London Underground

♫♫♫...It's All Over...♫♫♫  

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