Monday, April 26, 2021

The Switch - I Think It's Better Single

   Here's one on the Houston, TX label, Earth Records. I wasn't able to find any info at all on The Switch. The name on the label is Jim Travis. If anyone knows anything about them; please enlighten us. Anything I say about them will be pure conjecture; so I'll talk about the content a bit..
   To start, the record has a space theme. Second, I think it's better starts with heavy 80's sounding synth, reminiscent of video games I played when I was young. Once the song gets going, it's catchy, 80's, synth Power pop; that seems to be about wearing earplugs, to not have to listen to someone... Maybe me, enough of my rambling, Enjoy!

Earth Records 1983

1. I Think It's Better
2. Alien

♫♫►►And Not Hear A Thing◄◄♫♫


DeathDealer said...

Thank you Frank! My search for the Switch turned up fruitless as well. DD

Frank Miller said...

You're welcome. Thanks for trying!

Unknown said...

Not to be confused with the Burlington Vermont trio of the same name from very late 70s to mid 80s.