Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Wigs - File Under: Pop Vocal

 By request, a re-post, originally posted 7/7/2009. New rips and pics.

   The Wigs were a Milwaukee, Wisconsin three piece that formed in 1979. Besides this Lp, there's also a single titled, "Sing This Song/Hozoji" but I've never heard it. Shorty after this records release; the band broke up, then re-grouped for several years in Los Angeles. There were a couple of attempts to release a second full length, the second being with CBS Records but unfortunately, neither worked out. They appeared in the 1986 movie, " My Chauffeur" in 1986. There's some live footage of the band in it; you can see it Here. Marty Ross landed a part in The New Monkees TV series in 1987. After his departure, the wigs morphed into 57 Braves, released a single titled, " A Little Affection" and eventually disbanded. There's been a few band reunions since then.

Line Up -

Jim Cushinery - Vocals, Guitar
Marty Ross - Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Tews - Drums

Streetwise Records 1981


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