Sunday, March 9, 2014

No Alternative (Backtracks)

Re-uped by request, new rips and scans. Originally posted 10/15/08, Enjoy!
No Alternative was a San Francisco three piece that were around from the late 70's into the early Eighties. Sadly, the band's lofty reputation among Bay area punks never extended far beyond the borders of California. No Alternative's relative obscurity wasn't due to any lack of chops; if anything, the band's fast-and-furious aural assault and socially conscious lyrics showed deeper artistic influences and more intelligence than many of  their contemporaries. If your interested, you can read, and hear a piece of this and a whole lot more HERE.

Line Up -

Johnny Patterson - Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Rees - Bass
Greg Langston - Drums

Subterranean Records 1980

1. Make Guns Not Love
2. Metro Police Theme
3. Rockabilly Rumble

♫♫♫...The Rich Will Slit Your Hide...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Glad to find these tracks on your blog. I listened to "Rockabilly rumble" a long time ago (ca 1982 or so)and it's so good to strap on my guitar to play stuff like this !
Thumbs up Frank !
François from France

Frank Miller said...

I play too, it's fun to just give it hell sometimes. Glad I could help you out. Thanks for the comment Francois.

Stathis said...


Happy New Year!

Can you, please, repost this 7''?

Thank you very much

Frank Miller said...

Will Do Stathis, give me some time, I have a bunch of request's for repost's. I'm hoping I can get them done soon.

Whobuddy said...

awesome - thanks! Too bad this isn't on either CD they've released.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Whobuddy, none of these songs are on either CD ?