Monday, November 22, 2010

The Rivals (Here Comes The Night Single)

Chances are, if your looking at this site your probably familiar with this record. However, It's one of my favorites, therefore I wanted to included it here. The Rivals were a three piece outfit from Ramsgate, Kent, England. Formed by childhood friends; Mark Edwards,(Guitar) and Paul Leinster,(Bass) they were around from 1976 till 1981. There were a few lineup changes as far as drums were concerned through out the bands existence, however for this records purposes, I believe Paul Daley was beating the skins. This is the second of two great singles released. There's also an album called If Only that was put out on Detour Records Bin Liner Label in 2007. You can pick one up HERE ! , as well as info on the band. I also came by this Wikipedia page. (UPDATE) I recorded here comes the night over again, I wasn't happy with it.
Oakwood Records 1980
1. Here Comes The Night
2. Both Sides

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