Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here's Some More Summer Related Records !

Keeping with the Summer theme; here's some more cool records, to help you beat the heat. None of them are rare, but they're all fun Summer type records, except for the Mental As Anything Single; but when I listen to that record, I can't help but think of sitting on a beach with a cool drink watching the waves come in, Enjoy!

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias formed in Manchester, England in 1973. If you would like to learn more about them; I posted THIS record a while back.

El Mocambo Records 1980

1. Teenage Paradise
2. Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie


Washington D.C.'s The Slickee Boys are one of my favorite bands; you can't go wrong with any of their records. If you would like to know more about them; I posted THIS record, a while ago.

Dacoit Records 1983

1. When I Go To The Beach
2. Invisible People


Squeeze are a London outfit; that formed in 1974. They originally played under several names, most frequently "Captain Tundlow's Sky Company" or "Skyco", before selecting the band name "Squeeze" after The Velvet Underground's 1973 album. It looks as though they're still around in some form; If you want to read more about them; check THIS PAGE out.

A&M Records 1980

1. Pulling Mussels From A Shell
2. What The Butler Saw


As I'm sure you all know, The Dickies formed around Los Angeles, California, in 1977. I don't need to tell you how great these guys are. If you want to brush up on your Dickies history; HERE'S a good place to start.

A&M Records 1979

1. Nights In White Satin
2. Waterslide


The Barracudas formed in London, around 1978; they released many great records. I posted one of them HERE. If you would like to read up on them I found THIS PAGE. On a side note; Guitarist Robin Wills, has a great blog called, PUREPOP, its in my blogroll, but just in case you missed it.

EMI Records 1980

1. His Last Summer
2. Barracuda Waver
3. Surfers Are Back


Once again, I'm not going into allot of detail here. The Ramones formed in Queens N.Y.C. in 1974. Here's a PAGE, if you feel like reading.

Sire Records 1977

1. Rockaway Beach
2. Locket Love


Mental As Anything formed in Sydney, Australia in 1976. It looks as though, these guys are still around; check out THIS PAGE.

Virgin Records 1979

1. The Nips Are Getting Bigger
2. Instrumental As Anything


I think I've gotten the whole Summer theme thing out of my head now; maybe I'll post some more Summer records next year!


angel said...

yeah, slickee boys are really one of the very best....


roberto said...

Thanks a lot,a great fun post!and Teenage Paradise...you really make my day,cheers.

Woody said...

Thank you very much!! and good summer.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for all of your comments, glad you like the post.

Jaime said...

Fantastic summer singles. Thank you for all.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Jaime.

Popville said...
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Popville said...

Here's a more interesting Dickies picture sleeve for Nights in White Satin. I hadn't realized it had been "revised".

Also, one can never go wrong with The Barracudas. Cheers!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the sleeve, I believe the KKK sleeve, (as its known) was banned.

zach said...

teenage paradise, so fantastic. thanks so much for the 7". great rhythm and vocals.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Zach, glad you like it. Most of the Albertos records are at least entertaining, and you can find them pretty cheap usually.

zach said...

oh sweet, thanks!