Sunday, June 10, 2012

Puppet Rulers (Outta My Mind Single)

Puppet Rulers were a Boston Area three piece that were around in the early eighties. I'm pretty sure this was their only record. As is usually the case, info is limited; but I did find This Youtube Channel run by Dave Cook, that has several unreleased songs. Unfortunately, my copy has a bit of groove noise in the beginning of the Outta My Mind Side; but it still sounds ok. I noticed scratched in the dead wax, of the run off; Complicated Girl seems to be the A track. Everything else seems to indicate the opposite so that's how I went.


Dave Cook - Bass, and Vocals
Mark Amberg - Guitar, and Vocals
Scott Williams - Drums, and Vocals

Permanent Press Records 1981

1. Outta My Mind
2. Complicated Girl

***Puppet Rulers***


Mark Amberg said...


Thanks for posting this. This was the only record we pressed however we did a lot more work in the studio and received airplay on the local Boston College Stations and WCOZ and WBCN where we almost won the Battle of the Bands in 1980

Frank Miller said...

Hi Mark if you ever release any of that material I would love to hear it! Thanks for the comment and for the great record!

0101001x_x said...

this single rocks!!!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks pillihp, glad you liked it!