Monday, March 22, 2021

Phonads - Talk To Me

The Phonads were a Petersfield, UK five piece. After a lengthy google search, I turned up little on the band. I found no evidence of any other records either. Shame, since this is a great one; definitely leaves me wanting more.
    All proceeds from this record went For Wheelabout '81. A 23 year old quadriplegic named Neil Slatter, spent two months in 1981 travelling from his home town of Petersfield, to Portsmouth partly by electric wheelchair. His goal was to raise £100,000 to buy wheelchairs for other quadriplegically handicapped people.
    The record came in a paper sleeve with a sticker, giving the band members names and where the proceeds were going. Unfortunately, my copy is missing the sleeve. If you want to see it; click on over to the always excellent, "My Life's A Jigsaw Blog". It's hard for me to believe but his post is from over 10 years ago already...

Line Up

Neil Mercer - Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Holland - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hartbottle - Drums, Vocals
Tizz Stoakes - Bass, Vocals
Dave Futcher - Keyboards

Wheelabout '81 1981

1. Talk To Me
2. You and Me


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Frank another one down! Thanks! DD

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