Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Last Words (Top Secret Single)

The Last Words were a four piece from Sydney, Australia. They formed in 1977, and were around till 1980. In that span they released three singles, and an LP. Their first single Animal World, was released three times on three different labels. In the UK, it was released by Rough Trade, and reached number eight on the UK Independent Charts. This single contains my favorite track (Walk Away). If I remember right the LP had a slightly different version of it as well. For some reason I sold the LP years ago. One interesting thing about my copy of this single is, the record label lists Today's Kids as the A side, which is from a different record entirely. Here's a Wikipedia Page with more history of the band.
Armageddon Records 1980
1. Top Secret
2. Walk Away


bristolboy said...

Hi Frank - I think most copies have the "this side" listed as "todays kids" Which is strange as their 2nd (4th?) 45 on remand records was "todays kidz" Still what does it matter when the tunes are so good?

topper said...

If i remember their lp wasn't so good Frank......

anyway thanx for this one

Longy said...

Hi Frank. The Last Words LP is over at Nuzz Prowling Wolf's blog if you need it. Down the bottom left hand side under reposts & requests.

Cheers for this one mate.

Frank Miller said...

Hi bristolboy, it doesn't matter I just thought it was odd. Thanks for the comments Topper, and Longy,I'll have to check it out. I'm sure there's a reason I got rid of it.